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    Rest in Peace, Oscar de la Renta.

    Here, the legendary couturier poses with Audrey Hepburn at the CDFA Awards held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, in 1989.

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  • On a gathering storm comes a tall, handsome man in a dusty, black coat with a red right hand.

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  • I really wasn’t sure to start with. But now I’m a committed #PeakyBlinder

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  • craig—daniels:


    *dons nurses outfit*

  • genekellyfans:

    It’s rare to see this much of Gene—and I don’t mean that tantalizingly, but earnestly, as someone who’s studied gobs of images of him. He’s 46 here, with Jo Ann Borseth while filming Marjorie Morningstar. http://ift.tt/10jDB5I

  • peakyblindersofficial:

    EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes image of Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby